flores lane

Taurus Soy Candle, Slow Burn Candle

The time has come to be grounded into the dirt of your manifested garden and create the solid foundation for lush growth. Now that you’ve put in the work, recline and come here, dear Taurus. Have a cigar,  twirl the olive in your martini, and enjoy your new candle because you’re gonna go far. This blend of dirt, tobacco, and olive will keep you grounded and mellow through all your lovely labors.

Our soy, slow burn candles are hand poured in West Hollywood.

Travel size approximate burn time: up to 15 hours

Full size approximate burn time: up to 40 hours

3 wick size approximate burn time: up to 60 hours

18 oz approximate burn time: up to 80 hours

Studio size approximate burn time: up to 120 hours

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