flores lane

Patrick Church x Flores Lane Collab

White sage and notes of fresh sea salt.

Patrick Church and I have been collaborating for a few years. Ever since we've been collaborating on ideas for both his tour experience as well as giving back to the community from which he comes. As I learned more about him, I found out that he is deeply inspired by Basquiat and all things related, so it seemed only natural team up with Patrick Church, a sensational artist and fashion designer with similar influences. After working with Patrick, we decided on the designs you see on the front-side of the candle.

The back of the candle has an explanation as to how we came up with the concept using a candle for causes as well as the scent it contains.

The charities we've chosen to send the profits of the candle sales to are:

The candle can be purchased by clicking one of the images above.
We appreciate you taking the time to hear our story as well as to help those in need. Burn and be well- KC X FL


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