flores lane

FLORES LANE X ACADEMY MUSEUM Low Resolution Soy Candle, Slow Burn Candle

Oh cry the maudlin precipitation
as it encompasses my mind
Oh cry the shattered glass,
the bottle’s condensation mocking my decline

The honey as it drips from my carcass,
sweet molasses replacing my tears
The roses as they bloom within my mind,
petals of velvet, soften my fears

The mana which fills my soul convexed,
like buttermilk curdles, so she nears
Unbending, unmending now sending
her guile gift, the return of memories, as reality veers

So there I lie depleted, discarded
The lady of love whom I once served
Now prances by me, unregarded.

(the scent is smooth and smoky with deep notes of leather)

Photo: @agocreates
Floral design @theplumdahlia

(Candles are for sale on the academy museum website)

Floral design: @theplumdahlia
Photo: @agocreates

The candle is scented with essential oils and is made of all natural soy wax with a recycled white glass jar.
Our soy, slow burn candles are hand poured in West Hollywood.Full size approximate burn time: up




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