Collection: Fragrant Farmacy | Essential Oil Collection

Aromatherapy is powerful.

We’ve created the ultimate blends for relaxation, calm, sleep, and so much more.
Welcome to our Fragrant Pharmacy where you can tailor your aroma to the seasons of your life.

Studies have shown that inhaling scent has an immediate effect on brain activity. That's because scents breach the blood-brain barrier (a protective membrane), giving access to centers of the brain that other medicines cannot reach.
For example, scent reaches the limbic system, the brain's emotional center that controls our emotions, hunger, hormones, and impulses like fight or flight.

The reason we include essential oil is because it’s a plant's vital "essence” where energy is stored but also the most highly concentrated nutritional and therapeutic
benefits reside. The essence produced contains chemical messengers that transmit
information throughout the body like a normal medicine or prescription would do. We
like to call them: Plant Friends with Benefits.

Breathe deep.