Open Lab Calendar:

Dec 3, 5pm
Dec 11, 3pm
Dec 16, 7pm

'Tis the season: a candle for you and a candle for me!

Come join Flores Lane for an evening of candle pouring! We will share some candle knowledge, teach you the pouring process and you get to bring home your own custom made candles! At Flores Lane we love to collaborate with like minded brands and spaces around Los Angeles, to host DIY candle making workshops.

Our workshop includes:

  1. Workshops are 1.5-2 hours long. Please arrive 15 minutes early to settle in.
  2. Learn how to make two perfectly scented candles - one for you and one to gift! (or you can keep both lol)
  3. You will be provided with a black or white jar/ wax option as well as labels, wicks and wax to pour.
  4. To customize scent and label please reach out.  

If you can't make it physically to our event purchase a DIY Kit and follow us along from anywhere you desire!

*Private events available! 
Send us an email at with a preferred location, number of guests (5 minimum) and a preferred date/time.


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