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Best Seller Bundle Soy Candles Slow Burn Candles

Try our 4 most popular scents with this discounted bundle!

Available in Full (8 oz), Travel (2 oz), and Full + Travel.

Our candles are made of 100% soy wax, natural essential oils and plant-based dye. They're hand poured into recycled glass jars.

WeHoWest Hollywood, commonly referred to as WeHo, is not only home to our Lab but also so much incredible artistry. The scent we created is a bright & sweet blend of orange with a hint of grapefruit.

Heart ChakraA divine blend of rich palo santo and subtly sweet rose. Palo Santo means "holy wood" and has AMAZING healing and aromatherapy benefits, calms inflammation, and is an insect repellant. 

Figgie Smalls: A fig candle inspired by Biggie Smalls. The blend has fresh notes; when coupled with the powerful aroma of oud, it’s hypnotizing, much like Biggie himself. This deep blend of essential oils, soy wax, and all-natural charcoal-based dye comes in a black recycled glass jar.

Venice: Venice is one of the most versatile scents that is both citrusy and woodsy! Great for refreshing your kitchen and high traffic spaces. The sandalwood + teakwood are great for calming environments and ending your long day.

Our soy, slow burn candles are hand poured in West Hollywood.

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