flores lane

The DADDY Candle

The Daddy candle, like the film, is inspired by late night drives through the Mojave desert. It’s an homage to hot starry nights, the smell of the wind after a flash of rain, and the ironic romance of a one-night stand. Sultry, earthy oil of narcissus blends with amorous rose and musky black pepper to produce a hypnotically lovely scent.

By purchasing this candle, you’re supporting AFI thesis film Daddy as we complete post-production. 100% of profits will go towards funding our film, and we are so so grateful for your support! Learn more about the film at www.mojavemotel.com.

This candle is made of all natural soy wax, pigmented beeswax dye, essential oils and olive oil in a recycled glass jar. Scent dreamt up by Trish Baden and Daddy writer/director Jo Steinhart.

Flores Lane's slow burn candles are hand poured in West Hollywood, California. Local pickup available!

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