Flores Lane

South Bay Travel Collection


Our South Bay Collection is full of vibrant flowers and fruits that are native to the beaches and cascading landscapes found in the area. Each candle immerses you into the vibe of the people and landscape of that area so when you burn it, you can actually feel the location through scent. Burn, explore, and be well.


Collection Fragrance
14: Smoky Hollow A blend of Black Amber, Oak, and Vanilla.
16: Hermosa Beach A blend of hibiscus, sandalwood, and amber.
17: Manhattan Beach A blend of freshly cut white flowers with notes of rose and magnolia.
27: Redondo Beach A harmonious blend of citrus fruits + Agave nectar.
28: Palos Verdes
 A natural blend of spicy & floral featuring bergamot, jasmine, and white iris. 
55: Palm Springs A blend of Cactus Blossom + Neroli + Jasmine, relaxing like the desert after the rain.

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