Flores Lane

Money Trees Candle

Here’s a little poetic justice for the times: We’re all good kids in this mAAd city that we call life. The come up ain’t easy right now, so let’s dream about that lifestyle we never knew and rev it once for the revenue.

And that’s just how I feel. 

The latest addition to the hip hop collection… also potentially needed as a therapeutic coping mechanism known as a “Money Candle” for the natural ebb and flow of life…but now, times are weird AF.

Building a healthy relationship with money is essential for making it through these odd times. Money is not going to cure your problems but it can be used as a tool to seek out help for them. 

Money doesn’t grow on trees but both can be the perfect place for shade.

Burn this candle and take space to understand your passions which are actually tools to happiness. Money can’t buy us happiness, but it can certainly buy us this candle to free our minds. 

*Available in our 8oz Full size only

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