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Madison Soy Candle, Slow Burn Candle

I lived in Madison, Wisconsin at a very formative time in my life. It’s where I first met like-minded people who engaged & challenged me, helping to form the activist I’ve become. It’s also where I got Lyme disease and began the long journey to where I am today. It’s a unique city that’s near and dear to my heart.

So, I’m deeply excited to introduce the Madison candle to the Flores collection. Violet + Patchouli with notes of Sweetgrass bring me back to the Isthmus. In downtown Madison, you can find amazing farmers markets every summer weekend, and it’s just a few blocks’ walk to the lake. In Madison, you’re always surrounded by nature, making it a very grounding place. Enjoy my take on the essence of long summer days indulging in beer and cheese bread while taking in the view of the lake from the pier.

This blend of white soy wax and essential oils comes in a black recycled glass jar.

Our soy, slow burn candles are hand poured in West Hollywood.

Travel size approximate burn time: up to 15 hours

Full size approximate burn time: up to 40 hours

3 wick size approximate burn time: up to 60 hours

18 oz approximate burn time: up to 80 hours

Studio size approximate burn time: up to 120 hours

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