Flores Lane

Erasure Poetry Kit

Erasure poetry is good for the soul.
It’s also so much fun and really inexpensive to do! I first learned about this concrete poetic technique while in college in London and have been using it as an outlet for my mental health at times when I feel overwhelmed.

Supplies: 1 sharpie, an old book, textbook, magazine, anything with enough words to manipulate!
clear your mind
pick out a page and then read through it one word at a time.
If any words resonate with you, remember those; start back at the top of the page, and begin covering words that didn’t connect with you.... then see what’s left.
Scroll through the images if you want more close up examples, I’ll post more too!

This kit includes ~20 pages randomly selected from 10 books + XL Sharpie + Random mini candle + set of matches + oddities

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